We plan and do investigation about criminal and fraudulent facts under a creative and strategic processes and proceedings. We search for depth the information and look for hidden witnesses. Abilities and experience gathered through years by our investigators, along with technology and analysis tools in forensic data, allow us to identify, collect, guarantee and preserve in custody the physical and digital evidence ensuring its authenticity, even to be filed in legal disputes.

Criminal investigation

Our interdisciplinary team of experts on criminal investigation and fraud analyzes the cases in our strategic committees to address them in a comprehensive way to determine a course of action that has a constant feedback, in order to stablish the circumstances in which the events occurred by collecting the evidence to demonstrate it and to identify the responsible.

Forensic services

Out laboratory is composed by specialists in diverse forensic disciplines, provided with the latest technology developed in tools, equipment and specialized software to analyze the evidence.

Evidence is processed according to international practices as in measure and comparison like analysis, everything under the exactitude of a system of chain of custody in order to guarantee reliable results in our analysis

These specialized services in our laboratory are applicable in the technical scientific demonstration of circumstances of time, manner and place in which the facts investigated occurred.

Crime scence

Are objective of study by our experts in forensics fraud and corporative unfaithfulness, cover up information, falsification of accountant records and heritage hidden. They obtain the evidence, secure it and present it in order to confirm or refute facts. The intelligent processing information tools allow us to make an efficient and fast analysis in high volumes of accounting and general information.


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