We are specialized in planning and executing researching strategies to find information,
evidences and to prove facts based on our experience, the practice of forensic examinations and, of course,
supporting our clients in critical making decisions in order to mitigate risks or to
construct a case for criminal defense or to dispute before justice instances
We are a group of professionals with a huge global experience. For more than 25 years, we have been given solution to our clients, corporations and people needs in cases related to our risk and compliance services, criminal defense, disputes and arbitration. We manage their consults in a clear, reliable and ethic way through the diagnosis, planning, execution and control of practical and efficient strategies focused in giving solutions to our client’s needs.

Our consultants’ team is formed by lawyers, accountants, economists, administrators, engineers, architects, experts in research, risks and compliance, analysts and forensics whom have devote their lives to get prepared and trained to acquire more knowledge and to gain more experience to improve their competences.

The base of our reputation has been the experience and results when advising our clients in how to get useful information to direct their companies, defenses and disputes. Many of the big cases in Colombia have had our contribution, even in the international field and our job has been noticed in other countries around the world.

What we want

To be known as the first safe and trust company in gathering, analyzing and detecting evidence to prevent, detect and research risks, frauds and criminal researching for criminal, civil and administrative processes, required by professionals in Law and Companies in the real and financial field.

Strategic Partners

We know that our partners have been an essential part for our growth. Always under the premise of a real teamwork, we will keep on working hand by hand to maintain the quality in what we offer.


What can we do for you?

Our objective is to help you in making decisions under critical circumstances or in designing an strategy to give solutions to the challenges you or your Company are facing with

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